Memòria prevencionista

Memòria prevencionista: galeria fotogràfica

1934 - Leslie JONES

1930s_boston_obreros.jpg[1934ca - 1956ca] Leslie JONES. "Men at work". Boston, Estados Unidos / Estats Units. Entre 1934-1956. Boston Public Library, vía Flickr. (3)

1935ca - Construction worker on the Golden Gate

sanfrancisco_1935.jpg[1935ca] "Construction worker on the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, between 1935 and 1937". San Francisco, California, Estados Unidos / San Francisco, Califòrnia, Estats Units. 1935ca. San Francisco Public Library, vía Flickr. (3)

1938 - Alan VILLIERS


[1938] Alan VILLIERS. "Sailors working on a deck covered in mangrove poles". 1938. National Maritime Museum, vía Flickr. (1)

1942 - John VACHON

minero.jpg[1942] John VACHON. "Worker at carbon black plant, Sunray, Texas". Tejas, Estados Unidos / Texas, Estats Units. Library of Congress. (1)

1942 - Alfred PALMER

alabama_1942.jpg [1942] Alfred PALMER. "Electric phosphate smelting furnace used to make elemental phosphorus in a TVA chemical plant in the vicinity of Muscle Shoals, Alabama". Estados Unidos / Estats Units. 1942. Library of Congress. (1)

1942 - Alfred T. PALMER

soldador_1942.jpg [1942] Alfred T. PALMER. "Gas welding a joint in a line of spiral pipe at the TVA's new Douglas Dam on the French Broad River, Tenn." Tennessee, Estados Unidos / Tennessee, Estats Units. 1942. Library of Congress. (1)

1942 - Jack DELANO.

trabajador_ferrocarril__mezcla_amianto_locomotora.jpg [1942] Jack DELANO. "Spreading asbestos mixture on boiler of a locomotive at the C & NW RR 40th Street locomotive shops". Chicago, Estados Unidos / Chicago, Estats Units. 1942. Library of Congress. (1)

1944 - Alfred T. PALMER.

1944_tennessee.jpg [1944] Alfred T. PALMER. "Welder making boilers for a ship, Combustion Engineering Co., Chattanooga, Tenn." Tennessee, Estados Unidos / Estats Units. 1944. Library of Congress. (1)

1944 - Women volunteer


[1944] "Women volunteer grinding a billet of armour piercing steel at a munitions factory, Australia, 1944". Australia / Austràlia. 1944. National Library of Australia. (1)

1946 - Roy PERRY

higieneista_1946.jpg [1946] Roy PERRY. "Industrial hygienist who was using an air sampling flowmeter in order to sample the air in a welder's "breathing zone" around his immediate work site". Estados Unidos / Estats Units. 1946. Public Health Image Library (PHIL). NIOSH Historic Photo Collection. (2)

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