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Atrás EUROPEAN ALARA NETWORK (2019). Optimization of Radiological Protection : ALARA : A Practical Guidebook

EUROPEAN ALARA NETWORK (2019). Optimization of Radiological Protection : ALARA : A Practical Guidebook

EUROPEAN ALARA NETWORK. Optimization of Radiological Protection : ALARA : A Practical Guidebook [online]. Fontenay-aux-Roses (Francia): European ALARA Network, 2019. 173 p. [Consulta: 10.02.2020]. ISBN: 978-2-9569796-0-9. <>
Resumen: La Red de Trabajo EAN (European ALARA Network) ha publicado esta guía sobre la aplicación del principio ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable, "tan bajo como sea razonablemente alcanzable") en la prevención de exposición a radiaciones ionizantes en instalaciones nucleares, sanitarias... y en situaciones de emergencia. Se muestran más de 40 casos específicos.
Resum: La Xarxa de Treball EAN (European ALARA Network) ha publicat aquesta guia sobre l'aplicació del principi ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable, "tan baix com siga raonablement assolible") en la prevenció d'exposició a radiacions ionitzants en instal·lacions nuclears, sanitàries... i en situacions d'emergència. Es mostren més de 40 casos específics.
Abstract: "The EAN Working Group on ALARA Culture has achieved the elaboration of a book on the ALARA principle. Optimization of Radiological Protection - ALARA: A Practical Guidebook intends to give a clear and practical picture of what is ALARA and how to apply it – and in line with the last recommendations and standards from international organizations. ALARA: A Practical Guidebook provides an extensive description of the ALARA principle, elaborates on the specificities of ALARA for the different exposure situations and is illustrated by more than 40 examples of application in different exposure situations: nuclear installation, medical facilities, 'natural' exposure, emergency exposure situations etc. The examples are coming from the real-life. ALARA: A Practical Guidebook is addressed to organizations and peopled involved in radiation protection and its allied fields at work or having an interest in it – engineers and technicians, experts and managers etc. The Book can also be used as training material for teachers and students in radiation protection. With ALARA: A Practical Guidebook, the Working Group and the EAN wishes to contribute to the awareness and education in radiation protection and in all its field of application. The objective is to participate to a wider and more uniform implementation of ALARA into practice, so to ensure the efficient optimisation of the exposures and the better protection of the people."