Memoria prevencionista

Memoria prevencionista: galería fotográfica

1925 Laying bitulithic pavement - Tampa, 1925

[1925] Laying bitulithic pavement - Tampa, 1925. Florida Memory, vía Flickr. (1) 

1892 - Tower Bridge


[1892] "Tower Bridge". Londres, Reino Unido / Regne Unit. 1892. The National Archives, vía Flickr. (1)

1900ca - Miners working in a gold mine


[1900ca] "Miners working in a gold mine at Gympie, Queensland". Australia / Austràlia. 1900ca. State Library of Queensland. (1)

1908 - Lewis HINE

indiana_obreros_crsital_1908.gif[1908] Lewis HINE. "9 P.M. in an Indiana Glass Works. Indiana, August 1908". Indiana, Estados Unidos / Indiana, Estats Units. 1900. U.S. National Archives. (1)

1908 - Lewis HINE

vidrio_1908.jpg[1908] Lewis HINE. "Glass blower and mold boy. Boy has 4 1/2 hours of this at a stretch; then an hour's rest and 4 1/2 more: cramped position. Day shift one week: night shift next. Grafton, W. Va, October 1908". Virginia Occidental, Estados Unidos / Virgínia de l'Oest, Estats Units. 1908. U.S. National Archives. (1)

1908 - Lewis Wickes

1908_hine_mineros.jpg[1908] Lewis Wickes HINE. Drivers and Mules, Gary, W. Va., Mine, Where much of the mining and carrying is done by machinery. Gary, Virginia Occidental, Estados Unidos / Virgínia de l'Oest, Estats Units. 1908. Library of Congress. (1)


1909 - Lewis Wickes HINE

ninos_maquina_hilar.gif[1909] Lewis Wickes HINE. "Bibb Mill No. 1, Macon, Ga. Many youngsters here. Some boys and girls were so small they had to climb up on to the spinning frame to mend broken threads and to put back the empty bobbins". Estados Unidos / Estats Units. 1909. U.S. National Archives. (1)

1909 - Working at Maitland railway station

maitland_railway_1909.jpg[1909] "Working at Maitland railway station. Maitland, Australia". Australia / Austràlia. 1909. State Records Authority of New South Wales. (1)

1910ca - Panama Canal construction workers

trabajadores_canal_panama_1910.jpg [1910ca] "Panama Canal construction workers (American and European) dining in the Isthmian Canal Commission (I.C.C.) hotel, Culebra". Panamá / Panamà. 1910ca. The Wellcome Library. (3)

1910ca - Holland woman drawing canal boat

holanda_1910.jpg [1910ca] "Holland : woman drawing canal boat (pulling)". Países Bajos / Països Baixos. 1910ca. Library of Congress. (1)

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